sarti international school

philisophy & Motto


Success in SIS is about leaving a mark, which time cannot erase. This is not something that is only restricted to a big scale. It is rather on the significance of will and action. It is for us, an all inclusive endeavour. Here even the smallest contribution would be nurtured, promoted and shaped into proud moments in human history!


The world actually lies outside the realm of regular expectations. Nothing from the past, points to a convincing possibility. Our children must learn how to cope up with unplanned yet colossal impact of the unpredictable. The only human skills that can live up to this mammoth task are INNOVATION and HUMAN SPIRIT


SIS ‘s thought process has been built upon on three cognitive steps. First, looking beyond singularity and emphasizing on relationships of factors creating the whole. Second, respect the present and conserve every element rationally. Third, future is the most important life dimension, which cannot be compromised and our children should create the future from now on! Only then they can get a better present than us!

The SIS Code